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Tools for Water Quality Protection: A description of activities conducted by the Regional Board.

  • Compliance & Enforcement:
    Section Chief: Hugh Marley (213) 620-6375
    This section includes two units:
    • The Enforcement unit conducts enforcement and coordinates regional enforcement activities.
    • The Storm Water Compliance unit conducts inspection and enforces Storm Water NPDES permits.
    The programs managed by this section are:
  • Groundwater Permitting and Land Disposal:
    Section Chief: Rebecca Chou , (213) 576-6618
    This section includes two programs:
    • Land Disposal:
      Wen Yang
      , (213) 620-2253
    • Groundwater Permitting:
      Eric Wu
      , (213) 576-6683

  • Storm Water Permitting:
    Section Chief: Ivar Ridgeway (213) 620-2150
    This program develops Storm Water permits and Storm Water Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) implementation strategies to achieve environmental results.
    The program leads are:
  • For questions pertaining to the General NPDES Storm Water Permits and NOI's (Industrial & Construction), click here for the contact. (See under Storm Water compliance)

  • Regional Programs: 
    Section Chief: Renee Purdy , (213) 576-6622.
    Includes units that focus on Standards and TMDLs, TMDL2, TMDL3, Watershed Management coordination, Basin Planning coordination and Information Technology
    The Watershed Coordinator is Shirley Birosik, (213) 576-6679.
  • Remediation:
    Section Chief: Arthur Heath, (213) 576-6725.
    This section includes three units which focus on the Site Cleanup Unit I, Unit II, Unit III and IV Programs.

  • Underground Storage Tanks:
    Section Chief: Yue Rong, (213) 576-6710.
    This section includes three units which focus on the Ventura/Los Angeles coastal area, the Los Angeles River Watershed, and the San Gabriel River Watershed, respectively.

  • Watershed Regulatory:
    Section Chief:  David Hung, (213) 576-6616.
    The Watershed Regulatory Section includes three units which focus on Municipal Permitting, Industrial Permitting, and General Permitting/Special Projects.
    In addition, this section also includes the Contaminated Sediments Task Force. The Contaminated Sediment Coordinator is Michael Lyons, (213) 576-6718.

  • Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission:

    The SMBRC is a coalition of environmentalists, government, scientists, business and the public that was formed in 1988 to develop a Santa Monica Bay Restoration Plan. One of the first among 27 National Estuary Programs nationwide, the SMBRC is funded by the US Environmental Protection Agency, the State of California, and the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation. Its mission has been to create a comprehensive plan to ensure the long-term health of Santa Monica Bay, the 266-square-mile body of water located adjacent to the heavily urbanized, second most populous region in the United States.