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Press Releases


Press Releases/Media Advisories - 2017

Description Date
L.A. Regional Water Board, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Reach Settlement Over Clean Water Act Violations 7/24/2017
Harmful Cyanobacteria Detected in Long Beach Park Ponds; Caution Urged with Contact by Pets and Children 4/20/2017
State Water Board Adopts Climate Change Resolution 3/14/2017



Press Releases/Media Advisories - 2016

Description Date
City of Industry to Pay $5 Million for Unpermitted Dredging in the San Gabriel River at Follows Camp 12/08/2016
City of Compton to Pay Penalty, Upgrade Sanitary Sewer System for Discharging Raw Sewage Into Local Waterway 10/11/2016
Public Notice - Approval of Revised West Drainage Channel Master Plan, Sunshine Canyon City/County Landfill, Sylmar, California 09/14/2016
  • Notice of Entry of Consent Judgment Pursuant to Stipulation entered into by the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board and the City of San Gabriel
  • 05/03/2016
    L.A. Regional Water Board Files Lawsuit Against U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for Clean Water Act Violations 02/18/2016
    Notice of Entry of Judgment for Consent Judgment Pursuant to Stipulation entered into by the Regional Water Quality Control Board, Los Angeles Region, and the City of Alhambra 02/04/2016



    Press Releases/Media Advisories - 2015

    Description Date
    L.A. Regional Water Board Proposes $5.75 Million Penalty Against City of Industry for Water Quality Violations 11/02/2015
    Los Angeles Water Board Action Speeds City of Oxnard Recycled Water Effort to provide non potable water to local Agriculture 07/09/2015
    State Water Board Adopts Order Providing Framework for Stormwater Capture and Use in Los Angeles 06/16/2015
    Los Angeles County Flood Control District receives $99,000 Penalty for Violating Clean Water Act 05/19/2015



    Press Releases/Media Advisories - 2014

    Description Date
    State Water Board Approves Revised Plan to Restore Marina del Rey Harbor 09/09/14
    Los Angeles Water Board Takes Action to Expedite Groundwater Cleanups, Generating Up to 90,000 Acre-Feet of Potable Water 07/10/14
    Los Angeles Water Board Takes Action to Increase Efficiency of the State's Oldest Water Recycling Project 04/11/14
    Los Angeles Water Board Approves Recycled Water Project to Save 3 Million Gallons of Potable Water Per Day - Enough for 7,000 Homes 03/06/14
    Regional Board Sets Cleanup Goals, Directs Shell Oil to Submit Remedial Action Plan 01/23/14



    Press Releases/Media Advisories - 2013

    Description Date
    Los Angeles Board Refers Santitary Sewer Permit Violations In Three Cities to State Attorney General's Office 10/14/13
    Coastal Commission Beach Cleanup Sept. 21: Volunteers Pitch In For A Better Coastline 09/17/13