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State Water Board Drought Year - Conservation

State Water Board Drought Year Water Actions


SAVE WATER by Turning off Outdoor Irrigation Systems During Rainy Periods and Reducing Watering Times During the Cooler Weather

What's Prohibited for Everyone

  • Potable water to wash sidewalks & driveways
  • Runoff when irrigating with potable water
  • Hoses with no shutoff nozzles to wash cars
  • Potable water in decorative water features that do not recirculate the water

What Water Suppliers Must Do

  • Impose restrictions on outdoor irrigation
  • Report on water use monthly

State Water Board Adopts Statewide Emergency Conservation Regulations

To report wasteful practices in your work or residential neighborhoods, please contact your water supplier.
For more information on your water supplier, please use the Water Supplier Locator Tool.

To report wasteful practices at State facilities, please use the Department of General Services’ online reporting system at: http://saveourh2o.org/report-water-waste.

Contact the State Water Board's drought hotline for questions on drought-related activities including general questions on the emergency regulations: (916) 341-5342.

Proposed Emergency Regulations for Water Conservation

On July 15, 2014 the State Water Resources Control Board approved an emergency regulation to ensure water suppliers, their customers and state residents increase water conservation in urban settings.

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Contacts for Additional Information or Questions

Email is preferred. Please be specific regarding your request, whether it is an interview request or question. Thank you.


  George Kostyrko, Director
Office of Public Affairs
(916) 341-7365
Timothy M. Moran
Public Information Officer
(916) 327-8239


Eric Oppenheimer
(916) 445-5960
Max Gomberg
(916) 322-3052