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Orphan Site Cleanup Fund (OSCF)

The Orphan Site Cleanup Fund (OSCF) is a financial assistance program within the Division of Financial Assistance. OSCF was established to provide financial assistance to eligible applicants for the cleanup of brownfields sites contaminated by leaking petroleum underground storage tanks where there is no financially responsible party.

The OSCF regulations became effective October 16, 2009 and are available to download.

OSCF Now Accepting Applications

OSCF is accepting applications from eligible applicants that meet established eligibility requirements and are ready to move forward with cleanup activities on an ongoing basis. Applications for the OSCF program will be accepted on an on-going basis. Please print and sign the application and mail to the address provided.

OSCF Priority List

OSCF applications determined to be eligible are placed on the OSCF Priority List. The first OSCF Priority List was adopted under State Water Resources Control Board Resolution 2009-0036. The OSCF Priority List will be revised at least once each calendar year.

OSCF General Information

Success Stories

OSCF financially assists grantees with the cleanup and redevelopment of urban blight. See examples of OSCF success stories

Questions or Comments?

For more information please email oscf@waterboards.ca.gov.

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