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CWA §316(b) Statewide Advisory Committee on Cooling Water Intake Structures

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Statewide Advisory Committee on Cooling Water Intake Structures

The Statewide Advisory Committee on Cooling Water Intake Structures (SACCWIS) was convened by the Executive Director of the State Water Board to advise the State Water Board on the implementation of the recently adopted “Policy on the Use of Coastal and Estuarine Waters for Power Plant Cooling” (Policy) to ensure that implementation plans and schedules established by the Policy are realistic and will not cause disruption to the State’s electrical power supply. SACCWIS includes representatives from the California Energy Commission, California Public Utilities Commission, California Coastal Commission, California State Lands Commission, California Air Resources Board, California Independent System Operator, and the State Water Board.

SACCWIS will review the implementation plans and schedules, which are required to be submitted by the power plant owners and operators by April 1, 2011. SACCWIS will review the submitted plans and schedules to ensure that the deadlines in the Policy account for local area and grid reliability, including permitting constraints. SACCWIS must report to the State Water Board with recommendations no later than October 1, 2011. The State Water Board may then direct staff to amend the Policy, if needed. SACCWIS will continue to meet and provide annual reports to the State Water Board until the Policy has been fully implemented.


SACCWIS meetings will be scheduled regularly and as needed. Meetings are open to the public and will be noticed at least 10 days in advance of each meeting. All SACCWIS products will be made available to the public.

Meeting Date Location Notice, Agenda & Minutes Material
2015 SACCWIS Meeting Date - Cancelled      » SWRCB Memo to State Water Resources Control Board Members
March 27, 2014 CalEPA Bldg Byron Sher Aud Sacramento  » Notice/Agenda
 » Draft Minutes
 » SACCWIS Report
 » SACCWIS Report Presentation
April 12, 2013 CalEPA Bldg Byron Sher Aud Sacramento  » Notice/Agenda
 » Minutes
 » SACCWIS Resolution 2013-001
 » SACCWIS Report
 » SACCWIS Report presentation
March 19, 2012 CalEPA Bldg
Sierra Hearing Rm
 » Notice/Agenda
 » Minutes
 » SACCWIS Resolution 2012-001
 » SACCWIS Report
September 29, 2011 Cal/EPA Bldg
Sierra Hearing Rm
 » Notice/Agenda
 » Minutes
 » SACCWIS Resolution 2011-002
 » SACCWIS Report
July 5, 2011 Cal/EPA Bldg
Coastal Hearing Rm
 » Notice/Agenda
 » Minutes
 » Staff Report
 » Draft Resolution Addressing LADWP
 » Inter-Agency Working Group Presentation
 » SWRCB Staff Presentation
 » Dept of Water & Power Presentation
 » Merchant Generator Implementation Plans
 » Resolution No. 2011-0001
April 8, 2011 Cal/EPA Bldg
Training Rm 1
 » Notice/Agenda
 » Minutes
 » LADWP 2011 Reliability Report
 » LADWP Presentation
 » CAISO 2011 Reliability Report
 » CAISO Presentation
 » State Water Board Presentation

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