Welcome to the website for the California Water Board Academy. The primary mission of the Academy is to provide statewide training and related services that promote staff, program, and organizational development in support of the Boards' mission. Most of our classes are only available to our own staff, although we occasionally support events that are open to participants from other government agencies and/or the general public. Except as specifically indicated below, all of the events listed on this site are open only to Water Board staff.

NEWS and ANNOUNCEMENTS  (updated 7/23/14)

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The online registration system is up and running. All Academy classes will rely solely on the roster from this online system (to access it click on “Schedule” on the left bar). Staff are responsible for registering for and canceling from Academy classes. We have prepared online instructions (given along the way with the system) and written procedures to assist staff in the registration process. We also have prepared a document outlining our policies for the Academy. In addition, most of the Training Liaisons are familiar with the system and can help you register. Finally, feel free to call us anytime - we are here to help you use this powerful system.


COURSE MATERIALS  (updated 07/23/14)

  • CEQA Update, Issues and Trends Class - 7/23/14

  • Permitting CEQA/NEPA for Forest Service Projects – 5/21/14 - 5/22/14

  • Construction General Permit Notice of Termination
    • Instructors Eric Berntsen, Habitat Restoration Specialist with the Kalispel Tribe, and Brian Currier with the Sacramento State Office of Water Programs provide the technical background and step-by-step completion for the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE2) program and the Post-Construction Water Balance Calculator.
  • Fall Geosym October 2013 Compendium (11MB)
    • Caltrans Paleontology Policy
      Kim Christmann, Senior Engineering Geologist with the Caltrans Division of Environmental Analysis presents policy and procedures aimed at identifying, evaluating, avoiding, minimizing, mitigating, and reporting paleontological resources.
    • Geomorphic Elements in Modern Continental Sedimentary Basins - Implications for Groundwater Basins in California
      Dr. Gary Weissmann, Associate Professor of hydrogeology, stratigraphy and sedimentology at the University of New Mexico, presents geomorphic elements in modern worldwide sedimentary basins with a specific California focus.
  • Hydraulic Fracturing and Groundwater: a Southern California Water District's Perspective – Geosym May 2013
    • Ted Johnson, Chief Hydrologist from the Water Replenishment District of Southern California presents an overview of the hydraulic fracturing practice, potential risks to groundwater, potential monitoring and management techniques to minimize these risks, and the latest on legislative and regulatory activities in California.
      • Video (Slideshow with dialogue)

  • Groundwater Sustainability Strategies – Geosym May 2013
    • Cleet Carlton and Laurent Meiller from the Region 2 Water Board present an overview of ground water conservation and sustainability strategies.
      • Video (Slideshow with dialogue)

  • A Modern Stratigraphic Framework for the Los Angeles Basin: Insights into Tectonics and Ground Water Flow – Geosym May 2013
    • Daniel Ponti, USGS reviews sequence stratigraphic techniques, including evidence for activity of previously unrecognized inter-basin faults and the identification of ground water contaminant migration pathways in the Los Angeles Basin.
      • Video (Slideshow with dialogue)

  • Collaborating with Citizen Monitoring and Watershed Stewardship Organizations
    April 3, April 16, May 14, and May 20, 2013