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Tijuana River Valley Recovery Strategy


Reducing the discharge and cleaning up sediment and trash in the Tijuana Valley is among the highest priorities of the San Diego Water Board. Since many of the sources of sediment and trash are outside of the jurisdiction of the agencies we regulate, the Water Board has convened a collaborative, stakeholder-led approach to address these problems. The Vision and Mission the Recovery Team adopted are:

  • Vision: A Tijuana River Valley free of historical trash and sediment, protected from future deposits of trash and sediment, restored to a sustained physical, chemical and biological integrity, and performing its hydrologic functions, while respecting the interests of current and future landowners and users.
  • Mission: To bring together the governmental administrative, regulatory, and funding agencies in tandem with advice from the scientific community, the environmental community, and affected stakeholders to protect the Tijuana River Valley from future accumulations of trash and sediment, identify, remove, recycle or dispose of existing trash and sediment, and restore the Tijuana River floodplain to a balanced wetland ecosystem.

Recovery Strategy

A key result of the Recovery Team’s efforts has been the development and release of the Tijuana River Valley “Recovery Strategy: Living with the Water.” The purpose of the Recovery Strategy is to concisely summarize the first phase of actions in a way that will allow stakeholders, policy makers, and potential funding sources have a clear understanding of both the problems and the solutions and help the Recovery Team to achieve its vision of a healthy Tijuana River Watershed in a manner that is credible, durable, and acceptable to the communities on both sides of the Border. Accordingly, the Recovery Strategy acknowledges that resolution to the sediment and trash problems will require partnerships between the U.S. and Mexico to provide watershed-based solutions. The Recovery Team recognizes that source control and pollution prevention activities are often the best and most economically feasible long-term solutions to sediment and trash and other water quality problems.

This strategic vision includes seven Priority Action Areas with 27 specific projects focused on successfully reducing the sediment and trash currently degrading water quality, exacerbating flooding, affecting sensitive habitat, and impacting recreation. Those Priority Action Areas are:

  1. Partner with Mexico to implement optimum, watershed-based solutions;
  2. Understand how water, sediment and trash flow;
  3. Reduce sources of sediment and trash;
  4. Implement sediment and trash capture in watershed;
  5. Fund and perform ongoing operations and maintenance (O&M);
  6. Involve and inform community in Mexico and United States and
  7. Protect and enhance natural resources.

On February 8, 2012, the San Diego Water Board adopted Resolution No. R9-2012-0030, strongly endorsing the Recovery Strategy.

Five-Year Action Plan

On March 16, 2015, the San Diego Water Board adopted Resolution No. R9-2015-0035, strongly endorsing a Five-Year Action Plan developed by the Recovery Team. The Five-Year Action Plan outlines the projects that the Recovery Team aspires to accomplish over the next five years to continue advancing the Recovery Strategy goals. The project descriptions may include tasks, deliverables, resources needed, a schedule for achieving project milestones, and processes for monitoring progress. Since these are all variables that can change over the course of a project, the Five-Year Action Plan should be updated regularly.

Tijuana River Valley Recovery Team Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is comprised of the signatories and designated representatives of stakeholders who are Recovery Team members. The Steering Committee is dedicated to achieving the Recovery Team’s Mission and Vision and is led by two co-chairs, one is the Executive Officer of the Regional Board and the other is voted on by the Signatory Agencies. The Steering Committee provides overall guidance for the Recovery Team and develops and convenes action teams as necessary to coordinate implementation of the Recovery Strategy and Five-Year Action Plan.

Tijuana River Valley Recovery Team Library

Access our library to find studies, reports, and other materials relevant to Tijuana River Valley recovery. If there are additional studies and reports you would like to contribute to our online library, please contact Melissa Valdovinos at Melissa.Valdovinos@waterboards.ca.gov.

Upcoming 2017 Meetings and Events - Tijuana River Watershed

  • Monday, April 10
    Proposition 1 Restoration Grant Program Meeting, 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

If you have a meeting or event you would like to announce on the Recovery Team web page, please contact Melissa Valdovinos at Melissa.Valdovinos@waterboards.ca.gov or (619) 521-8039.

Previous meetings and events focused on water quality and general stewardship in the Tijuana River watershed.

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